Wanna give a talk at Meteor Night?

Hey everyone! The next Bay Area Meteor Night will be September 5th in San Francisco. One of our planned speakers unfortunately had to cancel, so I am now looking for additional Meteor Night speakers.

Meteor Night talks can cover any topic related to Meteor. Some example topic genres include: [a] Meteor related tools or libraries [b] difficulties overcome while building a product in Meteor [c] Meteor success stories. Of course these are just examples, and many awesome talks won’t fall into any of those categories.

Here is a playlist of Meteor Night talks from the most recent Meteor Night: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTUf4ytkmI8QOopcigiv_dsIubylmfTsX

If you are interested, PM me and I can fill you in on the details.


If only this was in the Netherlands I would have done it! I did give a talk at a frontend meetup in amsterdam about Latency compensation and how Meteor gives me powerful tools to impress any stakeholder and user instantly.

Any plans on meetups or conferences in Europe?

Unfortunately no; Qualia is based in San Francisco so it’d be hard for us to arrange meetups elsewhere :slight_smile:

But if we ever open up a remote European office, then we’d absolutely do it!

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