Want to help the homeless and/or practice and learn Meteor? our community of volunteers would love your help with a project

we’re a not-for-profit community of volunteers who create projects in an effort to make the World a friendlier, happier and safer place.

This project is an online resource map of free resources to help people living on the streets to get back on their feet. things like pass it on coffee, free food, addiction support groups, shelters, CV/Resume help, suit lending for interviews, etc.

About 5 years ago i had a serious neck injury and couldn’t work so i found myself homeless. i rarely felt homeless although i was living in squats and dumpster food, mostly because i’ve always been very good at finding things so resources were easy to track down. This map aims to give that to everyone who is the situation i ended up in.

The map is already live and being used for our activities, it just needs a few tweaks to get it ready for re-deployment as a Street Sleeper Resource Map

Some of the issues are related/referencing our ‘Gatherings Map’ which is almost identical, so the issues are related to both. that’s also not for profit, its a meetings organiser for people gathering to create positive action

here’s our Github: https://github.com/mordka/fl-events/issues
and here it is in action: http://gather.focallocal.org/events/map

here’s more about our positive social action community: http://focallocal.org
(we’d also love your help with improving our half finished website)


This is brilliant! I’m delighted to hear this is happening.

Are you collaborating with time banks at all?

wow, that was quick. i just updated this 30 secs ago.

i’ve not been in touch with any time banks yet as i’m not entirely sure how they work? would you like to get involved and post something?

Andy :0)

I can’t I’m afraid, I’ve got too much going on.

I think you’ll find great synergy with time banking

Hey !!! Im working on the same idea, its functional, i will realease it to beta tomorrow

Github: https://github.com/AYCRAL/alimentar
My Github: https://github.com/cristiandley
Feel free to email me!

Maybe we can join some ideas ! :slight_smile:

If you are not already aware of it, WorkHere is a Meteor app that does what you plan to do but for local jobs only.

thanks, our app is not for jobs but for resources so it wouldn’t be a competitor. the architecture looks very similar, you can see ours (used for our events) here: http://gather.focallocal.org/events/map

so we’re 99% ready to go, but the dev who was building it got busy with paid work and dropped out just before we were able to flip it for the street sleeper resource map

not exactly the same, but its nice to see someone else working on the same kind of idea.

i’d be very interested to see you beta launch, can you send me a link when its live please :slight_smile:

This is very nice. Keep up the good work.

I’ll explore your project and see if there’s anything meaningful I can contribute.

A similar project,

Not exactly homeless, but I do a lot of not-for-profit work, and almost always am out of hands to do the work.

One of the projects I am working on now — (Quoted from a forum)

“I’m a volunteer contributing to the digitisation project of the Tibetan Library and Archives. Among other things, the Tibetan Library and Archives manages Tibetan manuscripts, which are ancient (some manuscripts are as old as 2300 years old), precious and are in much demand by scholars. Right now the archival and sharing takes place in very traditional ways - a guy takes pictures of a scroll, saves it in a hard drive and lets it be. When someone requires it, they come to the library and the guy goes back to the hard drives and fetches the manuscript images. This process is inefficient, time consuming and expensive. (Very recently a 1TB hard drive got corrupted which caused a lot of pain). We have been thinking of implementing cloud based archiving and have been studying various open frameworks for doing this work.”

Please see - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/ica-atom-users/9eCFQ5uTrqY

Ideas for contribution are welcome.

fantastic, thank you!