Want to join our startup? In need of a experienced Meteor developer(s)

Dear Meteor community,

My name is Stian Maurstad (39, & Norwegian), and I´ve been following the Meteor community for a while.
I am totally stoked by the results and progress the Meteor community is making. I have a technical
background, but mostly around network and security (some early days HTML, but rather rusty). I would love to have our startup called CAPT create our solution based on Meteor. But since I am not technical enough to do this my self I am reaching out here to hopefully meet someone who would like to embark on the adventure with us.

I am the CTO of CAPT who has an amazing team (five++) when it comes to the business side of things, but we´re lacking on the developer side of things (front & backend). CAPT, is the company name & we´re looking for experienced Meteor / Javascript developer(s) or two who can help CAPT of the ground. We can offer equity and discuss pay also. If you live anywhere between SF or San Jose it would be of great help, since working face to face is preferable, but we´re open to discuss working from home/remote as well.

CAPT creating a marketplace for User Generated Video.
We want to build a marketplace that can help anyone with a video camera to sell their videos.
Please reach out to me so we can discuss how to get started. Looking forward to talking to you.

Thanks for the time (and hope I didn´t do anything illegal by posting this here).

All the best, Stian Maurstad
email: stian.maurstad(at)gmail(dot)com
skype: stian.maurstad


Nothing illegal at all. Your best bet with regard to finding a Meteor developer, however, is weworkmeteor.com.

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I’d check out cofounderslab.com as well!

Thanks for the input, I will check it out.
If any developers reads this & find it interesting, feel free to contact me.

Br, Stian

Hey Stian! How’s it going?

Just wanted to say I talked to Stian extensively about CAPT a few months ago. CAPT’s plans for the marketplace is a good idea and a fun challenge. If you have the opportunity to get involved, I say go for it!

Dear all,

First of all, thanks for having this forum!
I posted this at weworkmeteor.com and the sum of feedback after just one day has been amazing!
So thanks Nick!

Rahul, your Q42 team have given me an amazing impression & I hope we could have a cup of coffee some
day &/or meet up at a Meteor meetup somewhere soon.

We will give it a few more days to let all developers out there have a chance to see this opportunity.
We will go through all the submissions & email all of you personally. Thanks for your time & effort so far!

All the best, Stian, CTO of CAPT.

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