Want to use S3.putObject in lepozepo :S3

I want to use S3.putObject for Amazon:S3 code in javascript.
here it is written to change coffee- script. But I am not able to find this file.
After that I changed by bucket policy in S3, still putObject is inaccesible.

Can anyone tell how i can use S3.putObject?

For me the easiest experience with putObject is using: peerlibrary:aws-sdk

Note: If working from the browser, don’t forget to set CORS configuration.

const s3 = new AWS.S3();

s3.putObject(params, (error) => {});

Again. Not sure if this answers your question. Can you give a bit more context if it didn’t?

Actually, I am using lepozepo:s3 to store file on S3 .
I am Selecting file 3 ways
1)from computer
2)from Dropbox
3)From Google Drive

When I am selecting file From Computer .it is easy to store file on S3 using S3.upload();
But the Problem occurring when I am selecting file from Dropbox/drive
First I need to select file from Dropbox/Drive it is returning url , then I am converting that url into content after that I need to store that content on S3 for that I need S3.putObject()
So,Is there any hope to use s3.putObject() in this ?

Hi. Just a quick note:
If you can actually get the content from the url, I guess you can also get a blob from the dataUri and just use S3.upload with that?