Wanted; developer for very simple angular-meteor app (paid of course)

I want to have a very simple web-app developed in Angular-Meteor which technically closely resembles the introduction tutorial on the website. I’m a programmer myself and could build it, but I just don’t have the time for it right now.

No designing is needed; I’ve created the main part of the html for it (download index.html here). I’ve described what I need in more details below under “Description”.

If you have some basic experience in building Meteor apps I guess it will take you only a couple hours. So I guess this would be a nice project to start with and earn money as well.

If you’re interested, read the description, download the html file and let me know how much you want for building it.

I’m not in a hurry so it can take a couple weeks if you need the time. I can pay by wire transfer, Bitcoins, or any other payment method you like. We can also do it using a service like freelancer.com or elance.com.

Any questions are of course welcome.


The goal of the web-app is to write about the meetings a person has had. So if a user has had a meeting (by phone or in person) he needs to be able to log in using his/her google account, and save the meeting with:

  1. a title (e.g.: “Talked to x in restaurant Y”)
  2. a date (simple date selector)
  3. optionally a time (simple time selector)
  4. a description of the meeting (simple textarea)
  5. the people the meetings was with (from their Google contacts)
  6. tags (e.g.: “projectX, finance, topsecret”)

Users should be able to log in using their google account so that the contacts can be used in field 5. After logging in it should show a simple list with the meetings, which can be clicked to view the meeting. On top of the list of meetings, there should be a search field in which the user can search meetings with a search string (searching in title, description, contacts and tags. The design does not need a lot of effort; just use the html file and keep things simple with Bootstrap.

Everything should follow the usual Angular-Meteor structure and be at least fairly safe (e.g.: meetings should only be available to the person who registered the meeting).

If you are enthousiastic about Meteor (and Angular) and you think you can build this app, ask me anything or let me know your price.