Warehouse.meteor.com down?

I cannot ‘meteor add’ anything.

I found some old posts suggesting to redirect warehouse.meteor.com to in /etc/hosts, this works for now but what is going on?

At the time these posts were written, MDG had some problems with their CDN IIRC.

Please provide additional details about what you mean when you say:

We’re not aware of any problems with our CDN provider at the moment, but it’s possible there was something temporarily or you had some local connectivity problems. But yes, as @waldgeist said, that was a problem long ago that should be resolved.

warehouse.meteor.com was not responding, timeouts. but its ok now.

Please let us know if the problem continues!

warehouse.meteor.com took too long to respond.
Can’t download meteor packages. Is there any alternative url?

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Is there an alternative? I’m having the same issues now. warehouse.meteor.com seems to be down a lot…