Warning! Your meteor-kitchen projects will be exposed public (of course, you can avoid that)



New GUI for “Meteor Kitchen” (source code generator for Meteor.js) is coming soon and it will expose all your projects public by default.

Of course, you can keep your projects private. Just login to http://www.meteorkitchen.com and uncheck “This project will be public in a new GUI” in project settings form (see attached screenshots).


New GUI for meteor kitchen will allow developers to share their projects, similar to github (or much more similar to http://www.webflow.com). You can clone somebody’s project and use it as a starting point. And vice versa - you can share your project with others.

###What else?

  • New GUI is written from the scratch, it’s much easier to use, more visual and it can produce not only meteor source code, but also can build Android applications in the cloud. There is a plan to allow single click to deploy to Galaxy (or something).

  • human2machine is now integral part of the new GUI - it allows you to start project by simply describing application in English language.

  • I hope I’ll finish support for React.js in parallel, so after you create your application, you can choose output between “Meteor+Blaze” and/or “Meteor+React” (I wish to implement Angular too, but this is already too much job for the single man and his hobby project :slight_smile: ).


Plan is June 1st, but… kitchen is my hobby project, so everything depends on my free time - working on it only when I’m not too busy with my job, family and other real-world things…


I made preview video few weeks ago, it’s little bit outdated (many new features are added since then), but you can get idea on what I’m doing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBtFs1c4qhQ (and you can laugh on my bad English :slight_smile: ).


Excuse me for abusing this forum for marketing :stuck_out_tongue: - I hope I’ll not be banned. :o

Stay tuned, cool new things are coming soon!

  • Petar

Screenshots from the Old-GUI - how to keep your projects private:

Meteor Kitchen - code generator for Meteor

New GUI is now online https://www.meteorkitchen.com

Not fully finished yet, but today I simply decided to put it online - it’s less or more stable now.

So… warning message I wrote in the subject is now reality. If you want to make your projects private then please login and goto: project settings / danger zone - make private.

P.S. It’s my side / hobby project and I’m moving slowly - I hope Meteor will survive until I add all planned features :smiley: