Warning: Your wallet is about to get lighter

The ultimate deal, brought to you by Arunoda Susiripala, Josh Owens, Max Savin, Sacha Greif and Tom Coleman…



Is this a good deal for someone who doesn’t know anything about Meteor and JS or just people who already know everything?

"- Access real code commits in case you’re stuck."
Does this mean someone will answer a question in a support forum, or is just a repository of code that works?

Great deal for those who haven’t already bought the components individually. Nice work!

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Don’t know any JS? You need to pick up a book along the lines of Effective JavaScript and do online free js tuts.

Discover Meteor is good for total beginners of Meteor. I picked up that book and have read it twice now to get the basics along with all the other existing free tuts online.

Bulletproof is more intermediate I’d say, more depth than breadth, I’ve only gone through the free section and it’s been quite useful.

Meteor Toys is a must have for mongol (free version). The paid version adds some nice features however, it is still a bit unstable (updates are frequent to address issues kudos to Max) and insanely handy is not a exaggeration. If you’re doing a meteor app, this is a necessity imo (oh wait, everything’s my opinion anyway).

There’s another post on compilations of tutorial links not too long ago, if you search for that, it’ll keep a beginner occupied for a at least a week of obsessive reading :smile: Enjoy the ride!

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Pretty new to JS. I asked for a good place to get answers to rudimentary questions regarding Meteor and was pointed here, but it seems more geared to advanced (or people w/more aptitude than I have) development than simple questions.
Heard good things about Meteor Toys at a meet up, tho.

damn, I already own 3 out of those 5 things. For anyone undecided, they are worth it.

An offer I just couldn’t refuse. I already had Discover Meteor, but the other stuff is valuable enough for me to get it.

Oh apologies, I wasn’t replying to your question, was on mobile and thought I should add my two cents :stuck_out_tongue: - @mordrax went into it in a lot more detail :smile:

Hey everyone! Thank you for the good words :smile:

Regarding Discover Meteor - its understandable since many of us ended up here through that book. For that reason, we set up a coupon code that discounts about 10% in exchange for dropping Discover Meteor.

Darn, am I out of luck if I already paid?

No, we’re too nice for that :blush: can you please send your request to info@meteorpack.com

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You guys are awesome! Sent!

btw, my friend says that he would’ve been more inclined to buy if he knew how much he was saving for each of the items. So maybe it would be a good idea to put the original prices on the site? Just a tip to help you guys sell more!

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Less than one day to go folks!

I still haven’t received part of the package…