Way to have users register using their cell phone numbers

Hello All,

I am looking for a way for my users to register for an app by using their cell phone number, as a main part of my app is in mobile downloads of content.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Or, know of any packages? My research is not coming up with any tangible results.


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I too would be interested in this functionality. I have looked but I too have come up empty. Maybe it’s something that will have to be made for our purposes.

I just fast googled and you can send SMS for example using this package.

Than make received code mandatory field in account create and pair it with phone number on the server side.

Or what lifecycle u wanted to follow ?

Thanks for the response.

I thought of this, but how we will be delivering content is by having the user push it to their phone through the website. I don’t want them to get a link to go back to a web store from the site…rather keep them on our site and “push” the digital product to their phone for consumption/use.

I think the Twilio package is good to send a link and confirm, but would cause the end user to shop for the digital good on site, push to the phone, and then take them back to the store to then download…too many steps :smile:


I know that Snapchat and Band.us use a similar service…but cannot for the life of me find it.

I will post any info I find for the community if I come across it.