We are hiring 🎉

Hey, I’m happy to announce that we are hiring a developer to work on Meteor and Galaxy.

We are looking for people that are:

  • Passionate about Meteor;
  • Meteor Open-source contributors;
  • Advanced knowledge of Meteor internals;
  • Good knowledge of AWS, Docker and Go;
  • Galaxy heavy users;
  • Result-oriented.

If you are the developer described above please send us your Resume and relevant work (including code) to careers@meteor.com


Might be fun for all us to nominate people who’s work we have appreciated or used in the Meteor Community.

I’d like to nominate @cloudspider for his work on Vue w/ Meteor and @jkuester for his work on Meteor PWAs guide. I think both of these guys are great devs so wanted to mention them :+1: I’ve appreciated their recent work.


While it is nice to have additional developer to work on the build tool and Galaxy, it would also be nice to have someone to focus on features like accounts, minimongo and other core packages that make Meteor awesome and is most often what people will notice.


Thanks a lot @mullojo for this recommendation, highly appreciate it :slight_smile: However, I have to finish my educational projects until 2022 and will contribute FLOSS in the meantime where I can! :muscle:


Tempting. I’m probably one of the few people who have actually published a release track; but the politics around submissions into core have been a complete headache in the past (and in my opinion, a bit biased). If we could pull the clinical track into core, I’d be up for having a conversation about a formal role.

Update: why not? Tossed my hat into the ring, as the saying goes.


I’m also nominating @wildhart for this because of his level of Meteor knowledge. :tada:


There are probably less than 10 ppl in the world that meet all of these criteria, good luck! I’ve never used Galaxy and only have basic knowledge of Meteor internals so I guess I don’t qualify

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These 3 especially. If someone is a heavy Galaxy user, they usually have their hands full with managing and developing apps, it also contradicts the above point as well. If you have good knowledge of AWS, Docker and Go, you are more likely to run your own deployment instead of Galaxy.
Advance knowledge of Meteor internals, what specifically. I would say I have a good knowledge of the account packages, but know very little about the build system or Cordova.
But in the end these are typical job requirements, ie. this is the dream person we would love to hire. The problem is that it turns away people who could grow into that given time.
Quiet curious who’ll they hire.


Would be happy to join, but I’m not willing to leave my current company Passionate People. Always interested i collaborations of some sort. Am going to spend more time in contributing to the core though


Hi all,

I am very pleased to announce that @renanccastro has joined us as Software Engineer on August 1st.

Renan will work with Meteor, Galaxy and all our systems. He has previously worked with Native mobile development (iOS and Android), he is a Meteor user for many years and also Galaxy user so he understands our systems very well.

You are going to see him more here and also on Github.

We also have in our engineering team @denyhs, he has joined a few months ago and he is working more on Galaxy so far but he is also going to contribute directly to Meteor.


Congrats to both @renanccastro and @denyhs


Awesome, nice to have new devs on the Meteor team. Congrats @renanccastro and @denyhs!!