We build a Meteor community in Chinese.Hope to contribute to the development of Meteor in China

We build a Meteor community in Chinese.
Hope to contribute to the development of Meteor in China

我们搭建了一个 Meteor 中文社区,希望能为 Meteor 在中国的发展贡献一份力


Meteor in China is currently relatively few people use,
In the course of learning and using Meteor,
Then often the problems encountered can only go to explore and solve,
We hope to have a group of people to promote the development of Meteor in China

在学习和使用 Meteor 的过程中,发现 Meteor 在中国目前还比较少人使用,然后经常相关遇到的问题都只能自己去摸索解决,实在也比较费劲,我们希望能有一群人一起去推动 Meteor 在中国的发展

We hope to get the recognition that Meteor, we are a non profitability, by several community launched by Meteor technology personnel.

我们希望得到 Meteor 官方的认可,我们是一个非盈利的,由几个使用 Meteor 的技术人员发起的这样的一个社区。

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You might want to consider reading this and this. Creating a community for open source software in languages other than English is a good idea only short-term. In the long run, it hurts more than it helps. An investment in learning English is worth far, far more than learning a framework.

The significance of creating Chinese community is to promote the development of Meteor in China。
In China, for many people, there is no Chinese communication environment, hinder their learning meteor, because indeed for some people, English to them is difficult, especially some problems such as, it is difficult to through a translator to understand questions or answer to expression

As far as I understand, Meteor is slowly becoming more and more people in China, and some Venture Company and even the technology to use Meteor as the main development framework.
MeteorHub just wants to have such a Chinese community gathered in China more Meteor developers, common progress and development.

English is indeed not the easiest language to learn, unfortunately. But the truth is that the vast majority of software documentation, tutorials, blog posts, StackOverflow questions, are in English. Whether we like it or not, English is the universal language for software development.

A Chinese developer can choose to try to learn Meteor from Chinese resources, but these are 10x - 100x fewer than resources in English. Sticking with Chinese is limiting in that way.

On the other hand, investing in learning English enables the developer to access far more resources online. It also opens access to a far wider community to ask questions of. Consider how many Chinese users hang out on StackOverflow (or the equivalent in China’s parallel Internet) vs. users who understand English at some basic level enough to communicate.

English is not that hard. If you learn the most common 1000 words, you can probably express 80% of your thoughts.

Studying heritage language learners reveal that a person with a vocabulary size of 2,500 passive word-families and 2,000 active word-families can speak a language fluently.


Incidentally, helping users become fluent quickly in languages is one of the features I’m building in the app I use Meteor for, but my main point here is that investing in learning English is very, very worthwhile.