We Just Launched A New Meteor App - Real Time AI Audio/Video Translation and Transcription


Hey everyone,

QBL Media, a Sydney based media/tech firm, just launched a new platform for digital media professionals, made possible with Meteor

The platform allows users to translate audio and video content into different languages. We have 120+ dialects (you can use the AI to transcribe) and 180+ language (AI and/or human translations).

Basic use cases:

  • Do you want to use the Speech-To-Text AI only, just in English because your content is destined for a LinkedIn profile ?
  • Do you want to use the Text-To-Text AI only, because you have stakeholders who are trying to do a survey in several languages (the use case for multi lingual forms)?
  • Maybe you are a tech firm looking to internationalise your product?
  • Maybe you are a social enterprise, looking to raise awareness in a rural area where people are not very educated or computer literate?

If you are looking to give it a shot, or think it could be useful, totally let me know at tbanerjee@q6a.com.au - and very much appreciate the support and will give you super cheap rates. We are a total noob software company and have put in a bunch of effort to make the best product we can, so totally appreciate your interest and any feedback/thinking.

Check it out at: https://www.qbl-media.com/news/

Thanks so much - Tat Banerjee


Good luck with the platform! I hope it becomes a huge success story.

A few things.

Firstly, nice touch with the video on the front page. I think it would have a lot more impact if the English subtitles were accompanied by, say smaller, subtitles in a different language, to highlight the polyglot nature of the product. Would be even cooler if the language changes each frame / set of frames.

Secondly, I think it’s best to lose the < code > </ code> tags for highlighting. In my opinion it makes everything less readable. I am used to look for code when I see something formatted like that, and I get a cognitive ‘hiccup’ every time I reach a code area which doesn’t have, well, code. On the other hand, the users not looking for code might have problems anyway caused by the difference in font family and text colour.

Thirdly, I’d look for an affordable copywriter to redo some of the articles. You’d likely win over a startup owner like me, if I needed video translation services, but not sure about other clients. I know from experience that phrases like “we think will be super useful for content creators” won’t be selling much, I’m afraid :slight_smile:. A few calls to action, matching the audience type to benefits they expect, have a better chance. E.g. “Studio owners, get 25% if you sing up until 25 March, and reduce your translation costs by 50%”, “Advertisers, translate your YouTube videos today and reach twice more users!” - you get the idea.

Last, and only because you have an Attributions section, since Meteor made the platform possible, maybe it deserves a place there?


Lol - yeah. I forgot about the attributions - the idea was it links to another page with the full list. Will definitely do this.

Very good point on the copy writing services - have only just started, but will look into something like that. Think it makes really good sense, and very much appreciate you pointing it out. Just been doing a lot of the writing myself :slight_smile:

Just signed up for the Hotjar today actually, and want to see what happens with prospect heat maps before adding in the calls to action, but totally agree with that point.

Thank you so much for the feedback - very much appreciate it.

Edit: Hey mate - did you think the video works? We’ve had a mixed bag of opinions about it. Thanks so much.


I’d say it would work better if it had the subtitles in multiple languages. But balance that requirement against the resources you have and the benefits you can expect.


My take on this:

The site itself is beautiful, but I found it Very hard to read most of the text. The contrast is awful, and I couldn’t finish the texts because they were so hard to read, especially the text on light colored backgrounds.

I don’t understand what you provide. There are questions Everywhere, and they are not answered. " How will you reach new customers, today?" " What language will your next customer speak?" “how will your modern craftsmen reach them?” “Do your students understand what you are saying, and if not, have you really moved on?” “What expectations do they have?” " Who are you, and who are you looking to reach?" " Where will your clients come from tomorrow?" " How many other cultures would you like to reach?" “Current customers who speak another language? Are they a bigger part of your business these days?” "Exporter? Looking to cater to Tourists? "

:cry: I have so many questions and so few answers. What DO you provide:? Is it translation? automatic translations? Content in different languages? Questionnaires?

The “Services” section is completely nonsensical to me. What are you saying here? Do you provide strategy? What is this “Interface”? It is like the whole site is just filler text generated by a robot.

Under Pricing there is no call to action for the pricing options, just a “dead” page that leads to a contact form, and I don’t know what to contact you about.

On the front page, the video looks and interacts like a picture. No hover hand, no on hover color change, nothing. I didn’t know it was clickable.

After watching the video, I think I get that it has something to do with translating in real time with Al. But HOW? Is it an app? How do I use it? Extension to word? Website I type in? A replacement for word? Extension to gmail? A voice in my ear as I work?

Hope some of this helps! And good luck with your new service!


Dang - this was a bit brutal. But, on the plus side, probably the exact feedback we need. Will go away and look at these things.

That being said, basically we provide a real time AI for transcription and translation in an app. So you can upload your video, transcribe the video and then translate the video using the AI’s.

Will work more on website! Don’t mean it to come across as boilerplate. Thanks so much for feedback.

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First, best wishes with your new venture, hopefully it becomes a huge success.

Unfortunately I have to agree with @jorgeer here, you never really clearly state:

What is the problem you are solving?
How are you solving this problem?
How does that benefit me?
How do you compare to the competitors?

Overall good start and the fact that you are taking the constructive feedback so well is a great sign.

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lol… i’m not taking it well :slight_smile: was super cranky after getting @jorgeer comment. But its exactly the info i need, so going to try to implement shortly.

also, i may hassle you guys more as this forum is giving better pointers than a heap of people i am asking personally. its quite odd.


Yeah man, sorry about that. It sucks big time to hear negative criticism for something you have worked really hard on. I’ve just had my 4th review of a new product I’ve been working on, and STILL people are confused by stuff I find obvious or have already revised 10 times. Damn frustrating, but the only way we can improve.

You have a lot of the right text I found, but it is hidden away in https://www.qbl-media.com/solutions/, which is sort of hard to reach. I would expect this sort of text on the front page, to “dumb it down” for us as much as possible, having what your product does be absolutely 100% obvious.

Your actual product pitch seems to be in the first pricing box

Real Time AI Video Transcription and Translation. Upload your video, trancribe and optionally translate. Reach a larger audience for your channel!

This is what I wanted to know! It should be front and focus for the whole page IMO, with everything below supporting it.

Also, what is the name of this product? QBL-media sounds like a company that owns newspapers, or anything media related really. It would not be my go-to if I found it on google, when other search results look like this:

Trint: Automated Transcription of Audio and Video, Powered by AI


Scribie Audio/Video Transcription | Automated Transcripts

Wow is this not super obvious what these guys do? As opposed to

QBL Media

Many companies would productize their offering, even if they have just one. You could easily have qbl-media still be the company name, but primarily use a domain focused on this one product, like ai-transcribe.com or Transcribator.com or whatever, something that signals it is a product you can buy, proudly delivered by QBL Media.

I realize I went full steam ahead now and just criticized even more, but if your product is up to snuff, you are hiding it well right now. And yeah I have loads more comments if you are up for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I really wish you the best with this.


@jorgeer - we did not really have a good name. Made a heap of changes since your comment, but its a work in progress. If you get a chance, do give our product a shot - free trial here: https://www.qbl-media.com/free-trial/

Actually would very much appreciate the comments, have dm you my email address if you have some time. Thank you very much again.