We just launched StopLight, our API modeling tools / docs startup

Hey all, long time Meteor user here. After over a year of work, and months in private beta, I’m excited to share what we’ve been building over at StopLight.io!

StopLight is a suite of API modeling tools to help teams design, mock, test, and document their APIs.

The good bits:

  • The API Designer is Meteor 1.2 + React. It’s a beast, and Meteor has helped us keep it under control, and manageable, with only a few developers.
  • We have an OS X version available (Electron), that exposes some native functionality to the Meteor app (like filesystem access). It also runs and manages an instance of Prism proxy locally for you (controllable from the meteor app), and it’s own internal API server to interface with the local Prism instance.
  • Prism Proxy is written in Go.
  • Requests are stored locally, with ground db, when running through the local proxy.
  • api-docs.io is actually running Meteor 1.3 :). It’s a much simpler, read-only app, and we felt comfortable giving 1.3 a go with it. It serves a nice test-bed for us to try stuff out, before migrating the huge designer app over to 1.3.

Thanks to MDG and the Meteor community for the awesome tooling and packages - we couldn’t have done it without you!

If anybody has any questions, happy to answer where I can.

Also, we’re over on product hunt here:



Wow, this looks awesome! Congrats!

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