We (Obby) are hiring remote meteor devs again ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi all, I had a great experience posting here a few months ago so thought I would do it again!

Obby is SaaS-enabled marketplace for the lifelong learning market.

Our software tools help teachers run their teaching businesses better, whilst our marketplace helps people discover amazing skills that they can learn from local experts.

We are firm believers in the importance of learning new things and the positive impact it has on both personal, and professional development and wellbeing.

What we are looking for

We are looking for engineers to join our growing, remote engineering team to help us continue to build a better way of learning, as we look to expand our platform, and launch into more learning categories and geographies.

The team is distributed and we are primarily looking for developers in a GMT timezone to work alongside our 3-man strong remote engineering team.

How we work

The engineering team is led by Pedro. Pedro loves building things from scratch (especially electric Skateboards and lately, building a fully electric bus), cryptocurrencies, and tweeting about Elon Musk. You will also be working Cikito Grande (no one knows his real name) who loves fantasy novels and training his cat to walk on a leash and Vitor โ€œI could have been a professional footballerโ€ Goncalves whose claim to fame is having nutmegged Cristiano Ronaldo as a kid.

The product team is led by our co-founder Max, who loves Bayern Munich football club and listening to Pedro talk about Elon Musk.

We work remotely across a shared timezone and are focused on building new products from scratch and running a continuous growth process.

We are building a product-focused culture and despite working remotely, try to get together in Lisbon, or London, once a quarter to work together for a week (and also spend some time together listening to Pedro talk about Elon Musk - he really likes Elon).

Who we are looking for

Obby is built on ReactJS and MeteorJS. Fluency in React is necessary but Meteor is not required as we are migrating away from the framework over time, that said, itโ€™s a huge plus!

We are looking for experienced developers with at least 3+ years of experience.

Additionally, we are looking for engineers who are excited about the Obby mission, providing independent teachers with a platform to share their skills and generate an income doing what they love.

Please note: whilst we are a remote team, we are not currently looking for team members outside of the EU.

If you are interested, you can apply here or drop me an email on max at obby dot co dot uk

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Is some kind of part time possible ? I fit the bill pretty well and would be interested in different aspects of your offer, but Iโ€™m not available for a full timeโ€ฆ

Ideally full-time, but open to consider it!

Can you send me an email and we can take it from there?