We should add some topics!

Some suggestions could be:

  • Packages
  • Apps
  • Feature discussions
  • Questions

It depends on how much overlap we want with the current uses of crater.io.

I made announce and help categories. The Discourse team’s advice is to start w/ just a few categories and see how the forum’s needs evolve.

Besides your list we might want performance and testing. Maybe ddp? Maybe community (for meetups and such)? Maybe jobs if that is in harmony w/ the job sites that are popping up.


Yeah! We’ve a forum now :slight_smile:

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I think a community category would be really great. Wouldn’t performance and testing kind of go under help? Although, I could see the case of someone wanting to show off performance improvements or a different way of testing and that’s not necessarily help.

Having a ddp category is pretty interesting.

added community category


How about a showcase category? Would love to see announcements of new Meteor projects so we can play with new apps :smile:

Edit: just spotted announce so this may not be necessary.

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you can also add subtopics i believe as per this thread on the original board

I’d like to keep crater.io the way it is, a place where you can go and see what’s new or happening in the meteor world. These forums might be a better place to ask questions (instead of stackoverflow) and discuss things.

I’ve used Laravel some time ago, and they had sections for newbies and advanced users/ questions. Maybe we could do this as well? Like when people get started with meteor, they can have a look there and there might already be answers for quite some questions.

I feel like StackOverflow is nicely optimized for asking and answering questions, and I think we would lose a lot by moving all of those questions here.

It’s a huge hassle to have to check 4-5 different websites to catch up on all of the news. I’d love to be able to just come to this one site and see all of the goings-on in the community.


Where do people see best patterns or best practices or patterns for implementing xyz fitting in the picture? Is it help, a defined subtopic in help, or its own category?

These types of questions frequently get shut down on SO as likely to generate opinion based responses but certainly have their place somewhere (and have led to good discussions on google, etc.).

It might be nice to delineate them from the broken code snippets that many help questions consist of. I would love to browse just patterns and practices sometimes for a concentrated dose of learning.

I think that would be a new category - something like discussion? It would seem wrong to put that in help.