Web analytics apps for Meteor

Hey guys, does anybody have any experiences with the following apps used to track visitors?


I’ve been told they work with single page apps, incl. Meteor but haven’t gone through integration yet.

Also, if you have any other recommendations - apps you’re happy with - please share!


I’m in the same boat, trying to pick an analytics platform. Any reason why Google Analytics is not on your list?

astronomer.io which have Meteor package ?

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The main reason is simple and flexible event tracking. Here is more info on it, also other reasons:

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As @shock suggests, take a look at astronomer.io and check out the integrations. A small package lets you integrate dynamically with a host of analytics services.

Looks like a very immature product though. Only one post on their forum and no replies. They didn’t even bother explaining what the product does :slight_smile: Do you know if it’s free? Can’t see any mentions of pricing…

Hmm. Their pricing link seems to have gone. @ryw?

It’s a relatively new product and as such may have some issues for you. We’ve been using it for a while now (on the free tier) and have made some contributions to the code base. It’s working well for us: we like its simple integration - a single package aautomatically instruments router changes and method calls by user. For more detailed requirements you can add instrumentation points to your code.

Hi everyone! Thought I would jump in here to contribute to the discussion given that I work at Astronomer (full disclosure).

As @robfallows pointed out, our Meteor package automatically tracks all methods and routes by default (although you can disable parts you don’t want.) What’s really cool is that whenever you update your app, Astronomer recognizes those changes and starts tracking them automatically so you never have to re-instrument. If you’re using something in conjunction with Meteor, we also have a JS snippet you can use to manually set additional events. Right now, you can send your data to just over 20 destinations, ranging from Google Analytics to Mixpanel to Amazon Redshift, and all of them standard for all users.

To your point @tdzido, we definitely still have some work to do with our messaging and the simple explanation is that we’ve been working with beta testers we speak with frequently and are only just starting to do more of an inbound effort. All of our support is handled through a community Slack Channel we invite sign ups to so that’s why you’re also not seeing much on the forums. I agree with you that we can do a better job of explaining what we do clearly and publicly and this will become more important as more conversations like this continue to occur.

Finally, Pricing - The product is free while we’re in beta for all but our largest users and after beta will continue to be free for <1MM events/month and then just $20/MM/month after that.

Happy to talk further via this discussion or sometime offline! My email is ben AT astronomer DOT io.

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