Web analytics plugin for Tracking User

I want to implement the analytics in our app.so that i can track how users behave with our app?What are their likes and dislikes?how may user login to my system?
anyone suggest me plugin for that? or anyone confirm me can i use


for this

For common analytics there is the option for self hosted https://matomo.org/ which is easy to setup and straigh forard to use.

Advantage is here, that you can collect your analytics in your app and send them via REST to your matomo instance so you can create your own analytics strucutres. Disadvantage is that you need to invest a lot of time for that.

For Meteor specific analytics there are some APM packages out there like https://github.com/lmachens/meteor-apm-server

how may user login to my system?

Can be easily covered by the most Meteor APM tools but

What are their likes and dislikes?

Requires deeper configuration of APM tools (as can be very specific to your custom code and logic) or even require a custom analytics routine.

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