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Hey I am new to Meteor so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid.

We, a small team of 3, are building a mobile app thats going to be released on IOS and Android. We started by using Ionic 2. It was our choice because of the simplicity, the cross platform deployment and of course “one language for everything”. During development though it became clear, that we have to offer a real web app as well. The app and the web app would share all the features and functionality. Now we could add the front end for the web app and then share the backend but that would mean we have to develop and maintain two “apps”. We think that would make our development a nightmare.

Thats when I remembered Meteor. My experience with Meteor is minimal though and dates back to 2013/14 I think.

My question is now:

Would it be possible to write a mobile app with Meteor (and Cordova in the background), deploy it to iOS and Android, take the code of that app, change a FEW parts (not a whole rewrite) and put it on a server somewhere to get a web app ?

If thats possible. Are there any examples out in the real world? Any guides/tutorials? Anyone got experience building it?

Thanks in advance!

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Take a look at this thread

Some people claim to do exactly what are you asking if it’s possible.
There are some downsides as well.

It’s everything there, good reading!

For example

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I just announced the Go Live of an app that does exactly what you want to achieve. It’s based on Meteor and serves Android, iOS and Web Browsers from the same code base. The only exception are features specific to mobile devices, like push notifications, where I use Cordova plugins. If you would like to know more about it, just ask me in the following thread: