Web+mobile client with Meteor+Angular+Ionic?

Hi, so I’m sort of new to Meteor, and especially to its capabilities regarding mobile. I’m an Ionic and Angular beginner as well, having built just some small demo app on Ionic.

I’m building a project currently that requires a service with both web view and mobile apps clients. I was planning to build the web and backend with Meteor, then expose REST API for Ionic to consume.

So I know I can deploy to mobile with Cordova and it’ll come out looking almost just the same as mobile web view. However, I don’t get the niceties of mobile components (pull to refresh, slide to reveal, etc) which is offered in a framework like Ionic.

But, now that Meteor has support for Angular and Meteor-Ionic package is available, conceptually could I build the backend just like I would with any meteor app, then build a desktop-specific view with angular/bootstrap and a mobile-specific view with angular/ionic, and deploy for view via browsers, and to app store / play store? (One app to rule them all???) If so, where are some documentations and resources I can learn how to do such thing?

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Yeah, you can build it like any other Meteor app when you use Ionic + Meteor, here you have to use the official Ionic package https://atmospherejs.com/driftyco/ionic. You can then connect your app to your main webservice via DDP. A discussion about it is here.

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