Web Push on IOS

I saw this first retweeted by @grubba Web Push for Web Apps on iOS and iPadOS | WebKit

If this is true, this means FREEDOM.

We’ve invested for more than 3 years into polishing PWAs and activitree:meteor-push perfectly does the job of Web Push on Android (feels 100% like native).
In Meteor 3 our push package is coming with a full update for async and some premium features such as:

  • separate notification generating servers from notification push servers for endless scalability
  • API to support both Email and Push at any scale.

I’ve been waiting for this for at least 5 years. I am a little bit … extatic to be frank …


Holy Shizer McFugin Minelli with a bucket of fug nugz on top that is awesomer news. Big nodders.

I cannot freaking wait to be able to send notifications from the browser - is it worth doing a PWA really now? Our apps still in dev but it’s react native so will be worth it but if I can put some notifications in now that would be golden.

Thanks for sharing buddy, appreciate the heads up