Webapp conflicts with meteor-express, oil and water?

I am trying to port my Node app that uses express extensively to Meteor and webapp is giving me a nightmare. When I run, of course I get a port conflict between the two.

  1. Can I replace webapp with express in Meteor yet or not?
  2. Can I disable webapp? I don’t want to remove webapp because I do want to use browser connection features soon.
  3. It doesn’t look like I can access webapp middleware as can be done with express.
  4. Which package should I use for server side routes to mimic what has been done with express.get() and express.post() for example? Picker? Iron:Router? Other? Webapp directly somehow?
  5. How can I port my use of express to webapp? I can’t access webapp from my project. I’m using TypeScript and WebStorm and “import {WebApp} from ‘meteor/webapp’” fails.

I continue to hate using Meteor for a number of reasons. It just doesn’t “work” without massive pain. It has never been a productivity enhancer for me (yet) no matter how hard I try to adopt it.


You can use express with webapp in Meteor if you use a different port. Alternatively, look at nimble:restivus or centiq:crud if you want to use CRUD endpoints in standard (webapp) Meteor.

Then why are you porting an app to Meteor? Porting an app between frameworks is never going to be easy.

@robfallows Thanks for those suggestions. Prefer to use same port. I appreciate Meteor’s elegance, but for me, the reality has not lived up to the hype unfortunately. Porting from pure Node/Express to Meteor which is based on Node should not be an ordeal. The incredibly slow rebuild time also seems like a deal breaker.