WebRTC, signalling server & Galaxy ports


Hi guys, I have been trying webrtc signalling server using signaling npm package, and run it right on pair with meteor/node server.

It worked ok on local machine (for example using port 8888 I could manage to connect two webrtc peers using the signalling server, which was running on my meteor test app), but it did not work on Galaxy. As when I setup a sample galaxy domain (like test-my-app.eu.meteorapp.com) the peers did not manage to connect at all. I still need to investigate the reasons, as the log was empty so far, but here is a quick question:

Are all ports open on Galaxy, or there are any restrictions?


Any ideas how this can be checked? The socket.io server works just fine on localhost in parallel with meteor (when safe ports are used).

Yet when I try to access it running on Galaxy ‘http://‘myapp’.eu.meteorapp.com:8888/socket.io/?EIO=3&transport=polling&t=1500743032759-1’ it is pending forever…


@vblagomir i am also working on a webrtc project and was hoping to deploy it to galaxy. Did you ever figure out which ports are open in galaxy?


Hi @pena.sammy, yes, only 443 is open.


thanks so much for the info!