Website for mobile and desktop, how to in meteor

do i need to use webservice to give data to an app, so that i can convert it into mobile app

for example, if u want to make mobile app in
you got to code website in webapi, and write a seperate website code in html5 and javascript/angular
and convert that into mobile app by phone gap

in meteor how to do it

Its very easy with meteor you can use any of these according to your needs

  1. you can connect the mobile app with meteor app with DDP

  2. you only want data create restful service and access from mobile app ( will not be reactive)

  3. most easy if you want hybrid mobile app (cordoba) [ meteor add-platform android , ios]

Check out the step of the tutorial about running your app on mobile:

Does that tutorial depend on Blaze?

well i meant to ask, can i create webapi, dataapi services in meteor,

iam confused which technology to use, i will be building mobile n website app in html5 and angular

and the backend dataservices can either be meteor or

so that if some thing doesn’t fit i can change the enviorment