Website not loading in Instagram browser on iPhone


I just updated my websites to Meteor 1.10 and upgraded their servers to node 12 (it was from 1.8)

One of my sites is now not loading on IG in-app browser on iphones. I’m trying to debug but its so specific I’m not even sure where to begin and testing will be complicated as I don’t know how to replicate Instagram in app browser.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on where to start?

but you would have to visit it from your instagram on your iphone to see… the page appears to load but nothing displays.

I’m guessing the Instagram browser identifies itself using the standard user-agent string, which you can fake in Chrome dev tools. That may be a place to start.

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Ok so something weird here,

I can now not get the page to load while running from development mode locally on any mobile device regardless of browser. Even when commenting out the loading of just about everything and just putting Hello World! I tried running in --production same thing… but this version will display live on mobile browser from the server.

I am having no issues in desktop chrome firefox or opera.

I am getting alot of warnings in the console as such:
DevTools failed to parse SourceMap: chrome-extension://nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn/sourcemaps/

There was almost the same for me, but it’s gone by itself.