Websocket Error: Network Error 12002, The operation timed out


I have a Meteor 1.4 app that is deployed to my own server, and is working fine. It is being used at several locations and by various browser clients. Recently I was asked to implement a version of it for a military installation, which for obvious reasons has very strict network security measures in place.

From their browsers, they can access and log on to the site and view the home page - which is just static html. When they try to access a page that is supposed to return content from the database, that particular element (a table in this case) is empty. From the console I can see the error:

“Websocket Error: Network Error 12002, The operation timed out”

I thought I could get around the problem by using a server-side method call to generate the data and removing client subscriptions - thinking that it would just send plain html like the home page, but that didn’t work.

I admit that I don’t understand exactly how websockets work, and why the home page would be any different than a page with database content.

I appreciate any suggestions or comments.



I also added ssl to my nginx web server thinking that may be at least part of the problem, but that didn’t seem to help. Thanks for any help!


Okay, this is my first post so maybe I neglected to do something that was necessary for my question to be seen. If anyone IS seeing this, I had my client do a web socket test, and this was the result. Are there any ways to get around this using Meteor or should I try another framework?

Forgive my ignorance, but can anyone explain the difference between port 443 and port 443, ssl?