Websockets block; failover not automatic


Hi Everybody,

I’m quite far in the development of my app. It was time to start testing it “in the field”. Turns out, our main client in some way disabled websockets connection from their network. Major bummer :frowning: (I tried with https://www.websocket.org/echo.html, and indeed, this fails too.)
Meteor does not respond well to this: it keeps on waiting for the connection to be established. If I manually disable websockets in Firefox, I can work with the app as the failover with the polling takes over; great. BUT that needs to happen automatically, of course.
I’m not sure why that is not happening. They use IE, and I get the error: “SCRIPT12002: WebSocket Error: Network Error 12002, The operation timed out”, which is not helping :wink:

I could of course disable websockets in my meteor installation, but I would like to retain this for other clients/browsers. So:

  1. i thoughtthe fallback would be automatic; am I wrong?
  2. can I test for this live in code, and force it somehow?

Thanks for any insights :slight_smile: