WebSub Standard

Does anybody know the extent to which DDP is compliant to the WebSub standard? Have there been any architecture discussions at MDG about adding WebSub support? @benjamn @hwilson ?

WebSub appears to be getting picked up by FHIR (and by extension, Health and Human Services, Medicaid/Medicare, Veterans Administration, the White House, etc.), which is why I ask. DDP is the closest modern implementation (that has ~4 years of deployment experience). So, we’re thinking that we need to get a DDP implementation of WebSub in place. So, DDP + JsonRoutes to build the Hub, and we should be good to go.

Has this been on anybody else’s radar? Any recommendations for getting W3C WebSub compliance into the DDP protocol?


Hi @awatson1978 this caught my eye - it looks interesting.

The spec reminds me the RESThooks API style that Zapier pushes. The WebSub spec shows HTTP GET and POST as the transport, with the server making requests to the client.

The WebSub spec seems very tight with HTTP - what would DDP add?



Publication/subscription API, optimized web sockets, and years of on-the-ground testing and validation!

(Will post more; at conference right now.)

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