Weird Error: How to analyse ? "Script error. Error: at window.onerror (<anonymous>:0:0)

Hi everyone,

We have an error in MontiAPM which says the flollowing and nothing else:

Error: Script error.

    at window.onerror (<anonymous>:0:0)

no error on the server side meanwhile, no error in the console apparently but however it seems this error is affecting our app because users having it are been considered as Idle in our app (we are checking using a 5sec setInterval updated timestamp according to mouse move or so on and comparing to, etc…,)

but when this error is shown in MontiAPM I have a report that a user was constantly been considered as Idle (at every new 5sec interval)) and can’t use our app anymore. I cannot manage to reproduce the error, most the users don’t have issue but a small (but big enough, roughly 5%) percentage are affected and that’s way too much. Any lead ? How can I get more details about the error ?

It’s an urgent matter but I am a bit lost.

If I remember correctly, that is an error coming from a 3rd party script

Thanks for your reply, any more info on it ? can’t find anything. :frowning: We’re using various third party services (hotjat, intercom, axeptio…)

How come it would break only part of my code, I can’t see the logic in all this, got to say the behavior happening is very weird and hard to reproduce.

That is the difficult thing with this. Since our app scope has no permission over the 3rd party scripts, that is the only detail given to us by the browser. Until now we don’t know what 3rd party script was causing this in our app. Although for us, the functionality of the app is not affected. So it can be one of the “tracking scripts” like facebook pixel or google analytics

Problem is I can’t reproduce the bug and can’t even be sure the two are linked… Thanks a lot for your feedbacks though.