Weird issue where package isn't found in Atmosphere search

So I’ve found strange issue with Atmosphere where I’ve published a package, it can be seen in the recent section and as a package in the org page if you navigate there manually; however it does not get returned in any of the results from any search query.

The particular package in question is

@martijnwalraven @benjamn Any help getting this solved and the package showing up in results would be super awesome.


It’s quite sad that this hasn’t been addressed in the past 4, almost 5 days…

This doesn’t seem to be limited to a particular package either, as I’ve just initiated a search for the usercache package by @msavin and it doesn’t come up in the results for either msaving or usercache query.

How many great packages are lost in limbo, unable to be discovered through Atmosphere’s search?

What makes this package different from others?

Thanks for this package by the way, I was looking for something like that.

Do you mean what makes it different than ones that show up in search?

Yes, sorry I should have been more clear.

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I’m not sure. It appears that it could be as simple as it’s more recently created than others.

Maybe they’ve some period indexing?

Yeah, idk… Hard to say with it being closed source.

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