Welcome to the Meteor Lounge - Our New Official Discord Server!

Hello everyone,

We announce the launch of our new Official Discord Server - The Meteor Lounge!

The Meteor Lounge is a real-time communication and community support space. Here, you can connect with fellow Meteor enthusiasts, get help, and participate in exclusive events (soon :eyes:) and discussions.

Why Join the Meteor Lounge?

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Work together on projects, share ideas, and get feedback instantly through coworking chat voice.
  • Community Support: Get help from other Meteor members and share your knowledge.
  • Exclusive Events: You can promote online community meetups.
  • Stay Updated: Get the latest news and updates about Meteor.js.

How to Join:

Click the link below to join the Meteor Lounge: :link:Discord Invite Link

Please help us reach our goal of 1000 members on the new server!

We can’t wait to see you there! :star_struck:


We don’t think of fragmenting the community when we announce a new server.

We want to communicate with our community more efficiently, be closer to you, and contribute more content soon. That’s why we’re going to use the official server to announce new releases and features and hold our events soon.

The Slack space and the Meteor community server belong 100% to you, our community. You can continue to use it like you usually do.

“But why another Discord? Why not another platform?”
We surveyed and saw other communities using this type of communication (like Resend, Ionic, and Vue) with their communities and works. And, of course, we will continue using our forum.

I saw these questions on Slack, and you can ask more about them here.


But already exists 2 other community servers on Discord, why one more? No make any sense.

We know there are two other servers, but they only have a little content. The Slack space and the Meteor community server belong 100% to the community.

We want a server Team Meteor can feed and bring more content to the community. The idea is to centralize everything on a single server, and in the future, community administrators will help us, just as they are on our forum. :grin:

If Slack space and Meteor community server belong 100% to the community, why you guys are creating another one instead to improve one of them. I’m sorry, buy your explaining is very poor and didn’t convince myself. Go ahead, but I guess this is a bad move.

Personally I would like to replace the Slack with Rocket.chat, the issue there is migration.
As for Discord I don’t mind that getting moved into one official server, especially given that the other two are almost dead servers and what I have seen so far from the official Discord it uses many of the new features of Discord which would be difficult to do on the existing servers given the way they are (and absent admins). Honestly if we can shutdown the two other servers I’m fine with not even migrating anything as I don’t think there is much that hasn’t been covered elsewhere.
Overall I’m more seeing this as a positive, but only if we can start reducing redundant places and concentrating the community, which I think we need a bit more beyond the forums.


Today, we debuted our voice channels! Here’s a quick summary of our first Coffee Time:

  • We started talking about AI
  • We introduced ourselves and shared what we do outside of work
  • We talked about our favorite anime and recommended some to other members
  • We talked about games
  • We decided to have this weekly call with the community!

The goal is to chat, share our tastes and stories, and get to know each other better. I’ll set up the weekly event and open a poll on Discord soon to determine the best time for everyone. If you have any suggestions, please reply below.