We're looking for Node js developer for ERP project on Meteor

This ERP manages business with couple of dozen million pounds per year turnover.
The company works in Europe, USA and UK. Product users are employees of this company (about 350 users).
For 2 years we’ve been creating ERP system with 7 persons in our team:
2 Senior analytics;
1 Senior designer;
2 middle full stacks;
1 Senior team lead;
1 Senior PM;
1 QA;

This team interviews employees and creates technical requirements, prototypes and designs. We’re creating development plan for 6 months.

You will be the 3th developer in this project. We’re looking for a person into our developer team with Middle+ experience for full-time or Senior for part-time.
You absolutely need to have Node js skills. And it would be great if you have Meteor and React experience.
We have lots of tasks for back-end and a bit less for front-end. First developer continues to work part-time in the project. He’s been working for 1,5 year on this project and needs a little break.

This vacancy is remote. But you need to be in touch online while work day.

Keyword for attention: backend: Meteor, Nodejs, Uniforms, Simple schema, ES6; frontend: react, react-router v4, Semantic UI, LESS;

Please write several notes about yourself to me. Skype: foxpro77, Telegram: @rbkns
(Only Russian speaker).