We're making Discover Meteor free

We haven’t been able to keep Discover Meteor up to date with the latest best practices over the past couple years so we felt bad keeping it on sale.

At the same time we do think people can still get some value from the book. So we’ve decided to simply make it available for free to everybody. Learn more here:


Or check out the book directly:



Woot - huge.

Have you thought about doing a blog post on how to prepare Meteor 1.6 for the using the book? Or alternatively, making a starter repo?

I think all you would have to do is remove ecmascript and modules, and revert some of the es6 syntax to es5.

Well the reason we’re making the book free is that we don’t have time to update it… so no. But you’re welcome to do it :slight_smile:

Great, thank you @sacha :slight_smile: .

Why would anyone on Earth do that?) I mean, it’s the book that has to be updated to reflect the changes of Meteor 1.6 instead of a syntax downgrade. Or I got you wrong?)