What a right way to update app on cloud deployment?

I have problem when I would like to a bit update app on cloud deployment.
For example I use SimpleSchema to validate, and then immediately my user request to remove some required fields.
So I do

Stop the server, update `SimpleSchema` on client, build and deploy again (several minute).

Before I used to StoreProcedure SQL to check validate, so I just update the store procedure in db.
It is fine, and don’t update any app and deploy again.
Please advice…

SimpleSchema is implemented as a JavaScript package in your Meteor app. So you only need to an update to your app and re-deploy. If you’re deploying to Galaxy it handles all the server orchestration seamlessly. So the deploy command will cause Galaxy to:
-build your app
-spin up one ore more new server instances
-deploy your app to the new instance(s)
-migrate connected users to the new instance(s)
-shutdown the former instance(s)

You can deploy your app several times a day without disrupting users.

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Thanks for your reply.
When we migrate connected users to the new instance(s), could user can still be insert/update… app?
Now I tried to deploy on Digital Ocean, Amazon.
Could it do this (new instance)?

I think with meteorup might handle the orchestration, but I’m not sure. Other Meteor hosts to consider include Xervo and Bluemix. You might want to post in “deployment” category!