What about Meteor on uservoice?


Hey guys!

I was just wondering if having uservoice for Meteor would be good for the community. There are quite some feature requests spread across the forums, GitHub issues and the roadmap, so that it’s hard to follow or see, if something has already been requested/ suggested. Running uservoice might also help to see what the community actually wants and help MDG set priorities for upcoming work.

I’ve seen Digital Ocean using uservoice, and in my opinion it’s a great thing: Users get what they want and makes them happy, which makes DO an even better hosting platform and even more attractive.

What do you think?


up to MDG I guess. I think they should stay with Trello or switch to UserVoice, but probably shouldn’t use both.


Well, Trello shows what they’re actually doing, but it’s bad for suggesting and voting on stuff. I don’t think it might be a problem to keep them in sync.