What am I doing wrong with google Oauth?

I’m trying to add a google auth to the page but when I press Sign in with Google I receive a popup window with an error 400.

Please give me some hints what is wrong.

And did you


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Yes and it showed me Google API manager / credentials

with an empty Authorized Javascript orgins and Authorized redirect URIs

You need to complete and save that form.

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@ytaras In the last screenshot that you posted, you need to add the Authorized Javascript Origins and the Authorized redirect URIs. Look at [this page] (https://gist.github.com/yhagio/dcb24b7a74bd21d02838) to see how to do that. Please note the steps at the very top in the comments. They tell you what to put in those fields and basically tell you how to get this set up.

Still can’t implement any oauth (twitter, google, facebook) - nothing works

@ytaras can you show us how did you fill the form in google credentials ?

yes here, it is - :slight_smile:

Here’s first part when I’m installing example Meteor App from git:

here’s second part when I’m inserting google Api credentials and got an error:

I don’t know why - but this REDIRECT URIS: ‘http://localhost:3000/_oauth/google?close’ doesn’t work - and after I have removed


everything began to work fine!
2 days spent because of stupid ?close

In my app, it works just fine with ?close.