What android SDK for meteor 2.2 ? java ? gradle?

prior to meteor 2.2 I successfully created android app when using


java -version 1.8.0_292

android SDK 29.0.1

gradle 4.10.3

… above is pre meteor 2.2 …

So question is what java version is needed for meteor 2.2 ?

what android SDK ? pre meteor 2.2 used 29.0.1

what gradle ? 7.0.2 ?

These critical settings should appear on the release notes Meteor Changelog | Meteor API Docs … no ?

Thank you very much

OK so for meteor 2.2 I managed to create an android APK app file using

java JDK 1.8.0_292   #  <--- unknown if newer jdk will work
android SDK  29.0.2  #  <--- pure guess but it works saw this value in output from below build command
gradle   7.0.2       #  <--- this is the big one it fails using 4.10.3 yet under the covers it seems to auto select version 6 something during the build step below

upon running the android app creation step

meteor  build --server https://${GKE_DOMAIN_NAME}  --verbose  --directory /tmp/ --mobile-settings config/production.json

there seems to be copious amounts of automagic going on to auto select proper settings infact output from above command is where I saw mention of android SDK 29.0.2 … so I am good but sure wished the docs made these values explicit for each major release like meteor 2.2 … please reply with any doc link which shows proper android app creation meteor 2.2 settings