What API is better for my project Braintree or Paypal?


I was reading about the paypal API but after some digging I’ve found that someone said that the paypal API is old and use braintree, what do you recommend me to use? Every post I read is old and want to know if any of those APIs is still recommended


We have recently integrated Braintree into a Flutter App. Braintree allows to make payment using PayPal, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay etc. PayPal and Braintree - both are product of same company (PayPal). So we’ll recommend going for Braintree.


We have also integrated Braintree with Reaction Commerce and the code is Open Source at https://github.com/DeligenceTechnologies/Subscription-Recurring-payments-in-Reaction-Commerce-using-Braintree-Payments-Gateway


How did you integrate Braintree in Flutter? I don’t see a plugin available. Thanks in advance.


I’m using the patrickml:braintree package to implement Braintree’s drop-in functionality. Works as intended.


Yes, there are no plugin available. We have to write the code on our own :slight_smile: