What approach for my app

Hello, i have to develop a meteor application that have an admin panel where my customers put theirs data. Then, there is another part of application that show this data to final user on browser and mobile with custom interface for every customer. How i can develop it using meteor? I need hot code push, too, because i like to update core application, without resubmit app, but i wont to preserve customized interface (and sometimes customized function write in JS files different from core for some customer)… is possible?

Is better to develop single application or master app for admin and a lot of meteor app for showing data with customization? In the second case i lost hot code push…is right?


3 things:

  1. Is this some kind of assignment for your class?
  2. One application is more than enough
  3. Yes, you can have hot code push for the core application logic if you use the Publish/Subscribe concept carefully. Hence, you are free to customize interface however you want.

Hi, thx for your response.

I start my project using pub/subs and all problems for data are solved.

I cannot understand how i can solve problems about interface… Everythung i put in my folder (for example a custom template for a client) goes on all clients… But i need to send this code only for some clients… How i can solve this?

I am not 100% sure if i understood your problem correctly. But, il give it a try.
Are you using any routing packages like Flow Router or Iron Router ?

If you are not, i recommend you do.

What happens is, every meteor project is ultimately a “single page application”; so no matter where you write your HTML, it will be visible in all the pages.

Read this example for a basic understanding.


Hi, I’m working in something similar and my approach is to code everything in packages and create multiple applications that share those packages to avoid code duplication. This way, if the clients application doesn’t need the features needed in the admin application, I doesn’t include the packages that implement that features. Finally, I connect all the applications to the same database.

This resources helped me to figure how to structure my application:

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