What are mrt packages?

https://atmospherejs.com/mrt says:

Unclaimed migrated packages. Remove me from your package!

What does it mean? Are these deprecated? Where are they migrated to? And what does “mrt” stand for?

Meteorite (mrt) was the name of the old package manager.

I would stay away from packages that are mrt.
They haven’t been upgraded in a long time, so are likely abandoned.

They are migrated to new package system when the switch happened, they were given the mrt group name, because they came from meteorite so for those that still worked they could be added by using meteor add mrt:whatever

However, they are most definitely deprecated. They remain available because there are still some apps in the wild that use pre 1.0 code and rely on mrt flavoured packages.

As others advise, don’t go there.

Thank you! I think someone needs to post a “deprecated” notice on every mrt package. Would be nice to clearly mark them on Atmospherejs. BTW, who owns Atmospherejs?

from https://atmospherejs.com/

Atmosphere is the catalog for Meteor packages, resources and tools. Explore the most popular, trusted, and reliable packages to install in your apps.

Percolate Studio

Percolate are a devshop. They made Atmosphere for MDG, who have since acquired them.


Wow. How did I miss that? Thanks!

Most of mrt packages are flagged as unstable on atmosphere. You should note the rad flag on a package description