What are the best packages for using Material Design

I am looking to use material design and i am wonder what package is best

I am also looking into this and for me it looks like 2 main ways for now.

Fight with materialize to obey your expectations in Blaze template approach.

Or use React with Material.ui

Have you looked at krazyeom:material-design-lite. it looks like it might work.

this looks good spectrum:material-design-lite

I believe MDL can be used for that too.

But still I feel that MDL is kinda “shut up for now and learn 1 more framework and classes till Polymer with another class names and conventions would be used.” message from Google.

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If you are already using bootstrap you can check out https://atmospherejs.com/fezvrasta/bootstrap-material-design

It’ll materialize, in an artistic sense, your whole site (following the design guidelines is up to you).

I wouldn’t call it lightweight, as it requires bootstrap.

There seems to be problems with inputs like checkboxes and the way cards was designed is kinda limiting, so you might have to add a few lines of your own css.

Edit: I do use this package atm and besides some of the nuances above, it’s served me pretty well.

I use Materialize.

What problems have you had with it?