What are the best packages to optimize a startup site without budget (inspectlet, analytics, etc.)


We’re launching our startup in a few weeks and want to gather as many insights as possible about how people use our product, so we want to do things such as user testing, a/b testing, heatmaps, analytics, etc.

What are some of your most favorite packages and/or tools to use for a low budget (preferably free for low traffic) when optimizing your site?


Kadira: https://kadira.io/ (performance)
Segment.io: https://segment.com/ (and services they’ve linked with, mixpanel, GA, etc)


We use https://kadira.io/ for performance, mixpanel for analytics, and papertrail which I highly recommend for getting real-time logs from your servers. Also, we deployed our own mongo cluster with MMS so we can find bad queries, high CPU and memory usage.

Kadira, mixpanel, papertrail, and MMS all have free tiers.