What are you using to render email templates with dynamic content?

I’m migrating a project from Blaze to Svelte. I had been using https://github.com/dburles/meteor-spacebars-tohtml to render html on the server with dynamic content. Any recommendations on how to achieve something similar with Svelte or with a different package that doesn’t have a blaze or jquery dependency?

Not used it yet myself, but https://github.com/mjmlio/mjml looks promising. If you give it a try feel free to share your experience.

Yeah I really wanted to use mjml but I didn’t see a way to insert dynamic data. I’m experimenting with https://github.com/ls-age/svelte-mail. Maybe there’s a way to combine the two so that I can get the benefits of mjml. :thinking:

Using MJML. Since we are using React, so we are using react-mjml

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mail-time — this might be a little overkill, but it does support Mustache-like templating