What are you using to render email templates with dynamic content?

I’m migrating a project from Blaze to Svelte. I had been using https://github.com/dburles/meteor-spacebars-tohtml to render html on the server with dynamic content. Any recommendations on how to achieve something similar with Svelte or with a different package that doesn’t have a blaze or jquery dependency?

Not used it yet myself, but https://github.com/mjmlio/mjml looks promising. If you give it a try feel free to share your experience.

Yeah I really wanted to use mjml but I didn’t see a way to insert dynamic data. I’m experimenting with https://github.com/ls-age/svelte-mail. Maybe there’s a way to combine the two so that I can get the benefits of mjml. :thinking:

Using MJML. Since we are using React, so we are using react-mjml

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mail-time — this might be a little overkill, but it does support Mustache-like templating

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Just to throw another option out there…I still use Meteor for the password reset emails, but for templated emails I would really recommend utilizing something like: https://sendgrid.com/solutions/email-api/ for sending nice templated emails. While you can certainly utilize NodeJS for sending the emails…there is just something so much more professional about using a system like Send Grid. Not really a plug, as I know there are many other similar systems out there…but it really has been a life-saver for us! :slight_smile:


Some internet sources mention Sendinblue as being comparable with Sendgrid. I’m not sure about the latter, but I’m a Sendinblue client, and oh boy! it’s not an easy ride. Support is a big pain point, and their systems are sometimes extremely slow. Emails sent by them get bounced for no apparent reason, whereas the same email addresses are perfectly reachable via, say, gmail. Implementing their API was difficult and hence expensive, so I’m kind of stuck with them, but I have a very uneasy feeling about this mission.

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That is unfortunate! I would suggest at least testing Sendgrid out…I had none of these issues :frowning: Sorry for your trouble!

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