What browser do you use to work on Meteor projects?


I work on an iMac and Firefox for some reason stutters every couple of minutes. It’s UI locks too often and breaks my concentration.

I now use Opera Developer Edition. It’s really fast and uses Webkit to render things. It has the familiar developer tools if you use Chrome (exact same tools) and you can even seamlessly install Chrome extensions in Opera.

It also comes with it’s own baked in AdBlocker that’s faster that uBlock Origin!

So what do you guys use to test your Meteor apps?

I usually use Chrome and then Firefox for another look before deployment.

Opera uses Blink, not Webkit.

Chrome Canary for development/debugging; Safari and Firefox for testing, occasionally standard Chrome, Chrome Developer edition, rarely IE.

Yeah you’re right. :thumbsup:

Chrome, since it has the best developer tools IMHO. But I also cross-test with FF. Most of the time, I’ve got both browsers open at the same time.

Check out Opera, it has the exact same tools.