What can I exactly do with Meteor?

Alright so… I found this while searching for PHP alternatives, can I use Meteor instead of PHP?

Can I do a website only with Meteor?

what can I exactly do with Meteor?

Thanks :smiley:

You can compare Node to PHP, Node lets you run javascript on server side (so the code you would primarilly do in PHP).

Meteor is made in Node. Primarily webstes/apps for Meteor. But you can use node code/packages inside of Meteor to implement any functionality on your sites.

Also, Meteor is Javascript. And you can use Javascript to make phone apps and even desktop apps.

I’m not sure that a better question wouldn’t be “What can’t I do with meteor?” lol.

All jokes aside though, You can so much with meteor.

  1. Static Sites. Although there may be better alternatives for this use case, its still a nice dev experience using meteor
  2. Web Apps
  3. Mobile Apps with Meteor’s Cordova integration
  4. Desktop Apps through the use of electron.

Not sure if that was the specific answer you were looking for but I hope it helps.


You can compare Meteor with a framework like Laravel (PHP), while Meteor is based on NodeJS. The big difference is that Meteor will give you more. You write client and server side in Javascript and you are also able to share code. As the others already said, you can develop mobile apps or desktop apps with the same code base. One of Meteors current main features is the live data feature. Write a database query and get the latest data live and automatically without writing any API.