What component explorer / component dev tool do you use?

Like the title says; I’m curious about the tools you are using in combination with Meteor + React.

The react community has some nice tools like storybook or react-cosmos, but every time I’m hitting limitations because of depending on the Meteor framework.

Limitations such as import x from 'meteor/user:package' statements and/or .babelrc incompatibilities.

How are you doing this? Only using Meteor as tool, without storybook or react-cosmos (I like the latest more) isn’t really a solution; due to the build times. The before mentioned reload in a second, where meteor takes much longer.

I haven’t done it yet but I was thinking that I would move to use Storybook and have the components with no Meteor dependencies whatsoever and put all the Meteor deps at the container level. Not sure how well that would work on practical terms however…

This is what I am doing, it is quite easy to do so and even help you to write better components with cleaner APIs