What do you need for a GREAT Meteor-React-Native starter repo?

I just updated my Meteor React Native starter Repo at GitHub - jankapunkt/meteor-react-native-starter: The code repo for our workshop (it’s a template-repo so you can clone and just start coding).

It currently contains a minimal setup with Router, some screens and Meteor backend integration + authentication. Please leave a star, if you like what you see :slight_smile:

I’d like to improve the repo in many ways but I would love to hear what the community wants/needs for it to become GREAT.

Some ideas from my end:

  • Tests for backend and app
  • GitHub actions for CI
  • simple CRUD backend or admin panel
  • integrate some UI components library, making it more opinionated but also just even faster to get good results
  • dotenv integration for app
  • deployment scripts for the app
  • what eslse?

Would love to hear some input from you. Also, don’t hesitate to open issues if anything does not work etc.


I heard expo now has built-in router (which was react navigation)

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The builtin router allows file-based navigation, I did not update to it yet but will check it out. Regarding TS - I am total TS noob since I never got the time to dive into it so I can’t really say whether it will be good code or not…

I’m using react native cli with react navigation but I think using expo is a good choice, it’s much better now.
Typescript is good for long run. My code base is little heavy now, it has more than 70K lines of codes (both front-end and back-end) and typescript helps a lot.

So does @meteorrn/core package have a typescript definition?

I can see there’s .d.ts file in src folder but it looks very simple.


Anyone here who is interested in improving the types? Or at least review, if I improve it?

I know for sure those types are incomplete/incorrect, and definitely need to be fixed. I can probably help review it if you put up a PR

@pihentagy @schlaegerz please go on and open a PR, I am open to review