What do you think of this implementation of meteor + redux?

Hey - I recently tried to move to React, and I tried to keep the react components separated from the Meteor logic as much as possible. Also I wanted to try redux.

I stumbled upon this project, following a link from this article.

Instead of using getMeteorData, it uses a redux middleware that intercepts actions involving a subscription, autoruns the query, and dispatches actions when the query changes.

I’ve just tried it using @benoitt hugeapp project and so far it seems to behave pretty well.

I also like the way how everything is encapsulated without exposing globals. Anyway, I’m no pro and was wondering what react / meteor experts might think :slight_smile:


This is a really interesting project! It’s nice to see a real world example of using Redux in meteor managing ‘domain’ state.

Do you have a visual diagram of the architecture structure, or even an existing Redux diagram that you think is representative of what’s happening here ?

No, it’s not my project and I’m not expert enough to design the abstract of it. At the moment I’m experiencing issues with the subscription middleware and the way it handles stopping computations, I’m pretty sure this can be improved.

Also it requires you to handle unsubscribtions manually which getMeteorData does for you. But it does look promising :slight_smile: