What do you use now to scale Meteor?

Since Cluster is deprecated and I’ve read it should not be used anymore, what is the current strategy you follow?

I’m using a very basic solution now, with ngnix and ip_hash for sticky sessions, but this is not ideal as the same client can have multiple ip’s due to NAT etc. Plan to migrate to haproxy.

The other option I want to try is use AWS’s new ALB which has http load balancing and supports sessions and websockets. I think with the right setup this can be almost as powerful and easy to use as Galaxy but a lot cheaper.

What solutions are you using for load balancing and HA?

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HI @dirkgently,

We’re using Phusion Passenger, already for more than year, very happy with it.
To load-balance between physical machines - front-facing proxy-server with nginx onboard with upstreams, planning to migrate to CloudFlare’s load-balancing as soon as it will be out from Beta.


Lots have changed.

What’s the current state of the art here?

Hi @larry ,

Still the same: CloudFlare LB (to multiple machines) -> Nginx (for static files and SSL sessions) -> Phusion Passenger as PM -> Node.js (Meteor)