What do you use to create flow-charts and DB diagrams?

I’m on Mac OS, and I just can’t bring myself to shell out $200 ($100 + $100 for pro upgrade) for OmniGraffle. What are other people out there using?

Well, since we’re all Meteor devs here and love web apps, why not try some of the online options? I’ve used both of these and they work quite well:

I actually only like web-based apps if it makes sense for it to be web-based. In this case, for a diagramming app, I’d prefer a traditional application. But draw.io looks cool, I’ll give it a shot anyway.

I’ve been using LucidChart. Supports both web and mobile versions. Monthly subscriptions. Can export Visio filed at the Pro level.

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Try this one: planttext.com. Check out the “Select a sample…” dropdown.

Docs on that language are at plantuml.com.

Try Creately for DB / UML / Flowcharts. Web + desktop app for Mac.

Have any for free?