What does Meteor need?

Curious to know, what are your top feature requests or changes you like Meteor have?

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I think this has been discussed intensively in the Thinking About Meteor 2.0 thread and I tried to capture a summary here.

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@alawi Hello! You mentioned there,

  • More front-end agnostic, meaning no Minimongo, DDP

But to me, that is what makes Meteor awesome. I like that feature, makes it easy to make things dynamic very easily out of the box. It’s part of the magic of Meteor.

Maybe it should just be easy to start a project without those things (isn’t that the case already)? Or maybe an interactive project setup tool can ask whether to include those features or not.

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There’s too many front end frameworks to pick from, and Meteor doesn’t really quide us in this area, only makes recommendations. I believe many of us want the de-facto way of doing things (like Blaze was). But this Meteor-owned defacto tool has to be able to keep up with other tools (React, Vue, etc).

I think Meteor needs something similar to SkateJS. Skate provides a single Web-Component-based API on top of various renderers (React, Preact, Snabbdom, litHTML, etc) so that interoperability between components from different frameworks is possible.

It’d be sweet if we had one single powerful-but-simple way of making Meteor UIs (f.e. something owned by Meteor, like Blaze was), and to be able to easily use different rendering/view layers underneath, and being able to import components made with Angular, React, or Vue. (maybe you shouldn’t mix them if you care about app size).

This Meteor-owned UI layer should be easily adaptable to use new rendering techniques, so it can adapt to future improvements in the view-lib community.


Another thing it needs is offline-first support, out of the box.


Actually that was not me who made that statement. Sorry I should have been more clear, I simply tried consolidate the comments that were made in that thread.

With that said, I do use React and I prefer the framework to be flexible with regards to the front-end technology since judging by the many frameworks, it’s really subjective. I’m personally happy with react and how it integrates with meteor as of now, but can’t speak for everyone else.

DDP and Minimongo do make Meteor really awesome, I can’t agree more! The kind of user experience one can build with these things… Boy, I wouldn’t want Meteor without them.


It may have been mentioned somewhere, but Apollo support out of the box would be nice; as in the ability to bootstrap a ready-to-go app that uses Apollo instead of minimongo, by running meteor create my-app --apollo, so we don’t have to manually convert an existing app.


Indeed! and yes this was echoed several times in the Thinking About Meteor 2.0 thread and I think MDG is well aware of that possibility.

Even better: meteor convert --apollo my-app :blush:

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  • a more easy-to-use apollo integration with accounts and apollo subscriptions.

Haha, yeah, basically the last three comments.

As we approach Meteor 1.9, it would be great to have some assurance that we’re sticking with semver, and rolling into Meteor 1.10, Meteor 1.11, etc.

Also, can JsonRoutes go into core, already? We’re still educating teams that Meteor can do everything Express can. Still educating that they can run their current React or Native app connected to a Meteor backend. Etc. etc.


you can use WebApp.connectHandlers.use("/path/to", (req, res) {}) instead of json routes :slight_smile: